X Rebecca Dallet says she’s tough on crime but…

x She gave a man guilty of attempted sexual assault of a
child a 2 year sentence instead of the maximum 20 years.

x She has a history of giving the worst violent offenders “half
that cut their possible jail time in half.

x Dallet let a man off with only probation after he attacked police with a knife.

X Pay-to-play: Dallet claims she recuses herself from conflicts of interest on the bench, but has been improperly using her court calendar to raise campaign cash — taking donations from attorneys before her court within days or weeks of key moments in their cases.

X Dallet said she would recuse herself on cases when there is “any appearance that it’s not going to be fair,” but she presided over 100 cases involving donors who contributed over $21,000 to her campaign.

X Rebecca Dallet claims she’s “not about” dark money groups but refuses to condemn Obama-appointed Attorney General Eric Holder’s dark money group pouring money into Wisconsin’s Supreme Court election on her behalf!

X Rebecca Dallet claims she’ll stand up for Wisconsin values, but told California donors in San Francisco that their values “are our Wisconsin values that we have lost along the way.” Lost our values?

X Dallet says she stands up for women, but took $20,000 from
a donor
accused of committing and covering up sexual
harassment at his company.

X Dallet says she won’t prejudice herself and will be an
impartial judge, but the reality is she is a judicial activist
with liberal positions on issues that could come before her
on the bench:

x She’s Anti-Second Amendment

x She’s Anti-Act 10, saying “I think they missed the issue”

x She’s Pro-Abortion